VM Motori

VM Motori marine engine range MR500, MR700 is able to offer the highest level of reliability, making suitable for all condition of use. Reliable, fast and ecological engines able to meet the needs of every boat.

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Moteurs Baudouin

Baudouin marine propulsion engines are recognized worldwide for their quality, durability and reliability. Baudouin’s products comply with the latest marine and inland shipping environmental standards. Baudouin engines are designed specifically for marine applications, optimized for easy and cost effective maintenance.


Sonihull is an environmentally friendly antifouling technology 

Based on the same ultrasonic technology that has been protecting the food, brewing and hydroponic farming industries for decades, Sonihull is the eco-friendly antifouling solution that the marine industry has been waiting for.

Alamarin Jet

Alamarin-Jet is a world leading manufacturer of waterjet propulsion

units and controls systems.
Suitable for input power ranging from 20hp up to 750hp, Alamarin-Jet are

renowned for a simple, robust and efficient design philosophy.

All Alamarin-Jets feature a CONICAL IMPELLER HOUSING and


Alamarin-Jet also developed a world first in the patented COMBI-FRAME,

a frame design which allows for multiple installation methods and is only

available with Alamarin-Jets.